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people love the DMV

They just said eff it, huh? “now serving whoever is still alive” almost had to fight the little dude behind me trying to cut. #ThisCantBeLife #AdventuresAtTheDMV #ThereShouldBeArealityShowAboutThisPlace #Purgatory #NowServingHatred #GetMeOuttaHere This place reminds me of that spot in Beetlejuice hahahahahahaha! I’m finna switch my ticket with the old person next to me and hope they don’t notice
by dapprdan posted on July 20, 2015 at 04:14PM
#ThisIsTemescal is a curated selection of public photos from or near the Temescal District in Oakland, California. We hand pick these from an Instagram feed, but if you’d like to submit yours, please use the hashtag #ThisIsTemescal

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