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more details emerge: the car caught fire without external stimulus?

You’d think after 20 odd years with the same electrical, circuitry, fuel, ABS issues, that Volkswagen AG would have figured out and fixed their cars’ prediliction to igniting themselves. 5 years and 500k cars recalled later.. Not much has changed. VWs, Audi’s and Porsches, thank bloody hell they have firewalls. Never own one unless you own a flame retardant suit. It’s time the worlds largest automotive manufacturer bucks up. Pictured: Audi Q5. Luckily these guys got out by punching the side glass out. Some are not so lucky. @vw @volkswagen @audi @porsche #audiQ5 #paulwalker
by xortija posted on July 20, 2015 at 12:01AM
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